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China has the distinction of having the largest FTTx connections globally. As fiber displaces copper access across major cities and extended into secondary areas, the number of subscribers is set to inrease further with an expected 200 million subscribers by 2017. Even so this is only a fraction of the overall market potential, leaving room for further growth. Continued demand for FTTx is now being driven by the Broadband China initiative, mobile backhaul for 4G, consumer demand for IPTV and HDTV, cloud computing services and inter and intra connections of hyper data centers, spread of smart cities, various government led Internet of Things and e-projects. Carriers are also increasingly leveraging FTTx to serve high margin business customers along with high volume residential users. With fiber representing a great commercial opportunity carriers and a boost to the national economic development, FTTx has a bright future.

At the upcoming China FTTH Forum brings you can join leading fiber technology experts and business executives to discuss the market drivers, latest innovations for expanding coverage, increasing broadband speed, best practices and cost cutting approaches to deployment, plus much more. By attending you can also learn about the latest network architecture, FTTx optical components, fiber in the data center, service models, global FTTx market, monetizing fiber enabled services, technical solutions for upgrading the access network, and the newest FTTx equipment and technologies. China FTTH Forum is held in conjunction with OptiNet China Conference, the leading fiber communications and optical networking event in the country.

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Optical Communication Committee of China Institute of Communications
The Expert Advisory Group in Transmission and Access, Communications Science and Technology Committee, MIIT


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